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Qigong Videos

Qigong videos are available all over the world wide web.  Even though the cultural revolution in China banned the centuries old system – it survived this beat down & now popular all over the world.  Through the forces of migration of the Chinese diaspora, tourism in China, and globalization, the practice of qigong spread from the Chinese community to the world. Today, millions of people around the world practice qigong and believe in the benefits of qigong to varying degrees. Similar to its historical origin, those interested in qigong come from diverse backgrounds and practice it for different reasons, including for recreation, exercise, relaxation, preventive medicine, self-healing, alternative medicine, self-cultivation, meditation, spirituality, and martial arts training.

You could liken Qigong to a weed.  The Chineses government cut it down,  restricted it, limited it and regulated it but it not only did not die  – it came back stronger & more diverse than ever.

This qigong video shows how to gather the qi and insert it into our heart,  head & our dantian.

What are the benefits of Qigong to Seniors?

Qigong  has numerous benefits to seniors.  The body is made to move – we come from a hunter-gatherer background.  Qigong will get you moving.  The first step is to take action which you’ve already done by getting to this post.  Qi (pronounced “chee” like “gee’ with a “ch” instead of a “g”) is our life force.  The vital energy that keeps us alive is our Qi.  Gong means “a skill achieved through practice”.  The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.  The video below “Draw Up Earth Qi” shows you some  exercises that will provide some of the above benefits to seniors.  These movements will be better for you than watching TV or having a big meal.


Learn How Qigong Benefits Seniors

Qigong  has many benefits for seniors – juniors & everybody in between.  The most obvious benefit is movement.  Your body is made to move – movement is life.  When the blood stops flowing life stops.  By learning how Qigong benefits seniors & then actually starting & continuing the exercises (which by the way are not hard strenuous) you’ll be prolonging your life.   “Chee” gong is a system of physical exercise  & breathing control related to tai chi.  It combines physical forms with controlled breathing & mind focus.

This is an introductory warmup video.

10 Tips For Healthy Aging

Staying alive is good – but “healthy aging” is better.  Aging is inevitable – we all wear down over time.  But what I mean by “healthy aging” is taking advantage of everything that modern science has to offer which will allow us to age chronologically while at the same time allow us to slow down,  stop & finally reverse biological aging (also referred to as senescence.

Here are the 10 tips for healthy aging that I have come up with for your benefit.

  1.  This is Guaranteed to work but most people can’t or don’t want to do it:  become a “cronie”.  Live on 2/3 of your needed calorie requirement for your body weight.  Cronie ia an acronym for “caloric restriction with optimum nutrition.”
  2.   This is more doable:  become a ‘mod-cronie”.  Fast one day a week ( I fast on Mondays).  You’ll be doing yourself a world of good – a weekly break that will give you many benefits.  There’s a whole article coming about being a “mod -cronie”.
  3.   Do not smoke – you need your lungs for the exercise you’ll be doing.
  4.   Turn  your “youth gene” back on with Resveratrol – drink 275 glasses of wine for maximum effect or 1/2 an ounce of this super formulation like I do – Eternity
  5.   WINR – “White is not right” – exclude any product that has had the life force removed by those manufacturers who are not your friend.  “Empty Calories” not only don’t do you any good – they use up your bodies valuable energy when it could be used by you in a better way.
  6.   No sugar – I know it’s everywhere but in the air.  Read “Sugar Blues”  for your edification.  It’s sweet for a reason – to addict you.
  7.   2200 families of free radicals assault your body every day – you have to defend yourself.  Give your body the help it needs – fight back with Spectramaxx
  8.    Boost your immune system & your anti-inflammatory system with the aid of modern science.  FuCoyDon
  9.   Homocysteine – this amino acid increases as you age & should be kept low – it can lead to Al Z,  a walk in the “Park” that you don’t want to take,  heart disease and ED if you’re a guy.  Dr. Sears suggests the following protocol:  B2 (Riboflavin) 25mg daily;  B12 500 mcg daily;   Folic Acid 800 mcg daily;   TMG (trimethylglycine) 500mg daily;  B6 25 mg daily.  Plus a multi-vitamine.
  10.   Modern science has found a way for you to slow down the biological clock by rejuvenating your telomeres.  The miracle of “The Fountain of Youth”  is here.



I hope that you will reap the benefits of this research.  The choice is yours.

Telomeres and Telomerase

Telomeres and Telomerase

Telomeres and Telomerase are  two important factors in the aging process.  The science of Gerontology studies the aging process & it has been discovered that as telomeres shorten aging progresses.  Telomeres are the biological clock that controls the DNA replication process known as cell division.  Telomeres have been likened to aglets – the tips on the ends of shoelaces that prevent them from unraveling & becoming non-functional.  With every cell duplication over the course of a person’s lifetime comes a corresponding shortening of the telomeres.  Supposedly you have 50 – 70 cell duplications in the “bank” when you are born & when your bank account runs out – so does your life.

Enzyme Saves the Day

Here’s where the enzyme Telomerase comes in.  This enzyme is not present in normal cells but it has been found that when it is added the telomeres at first shorten more slowly & then do not shorten in any significant manner as long as the Telomerase is present in the cell.  The duplication can go on & on without your bank account running out.  This means you can live longer and better if you’re able to get telomerase into your cells.  The video below explains the process very well.  It’s short and to the point.  Enjoy it.  Is there anything you can’t find on YouTube?

The Product Provides “Self-Evident” Proof

So here’s a link to the product that I found that provides Telomerase to the body & allows the miracle of “Reversing Telomere Shortening” to be performed.  Click Here to go to my website where you can order directly from the company.  You don’t need me to talk you into doing this.  What you need to do is to try it for yourself.  The “self-evident proof”  –  you feeling energized,  upbeat,  vigorous & more youthful  will be the “proof of the pudding.”  The truth will set you free.

Is There Anything More Important Than Your Health

Ask yourself  a simple question – is it possible that a modern day Ponce De Leon has discovered a “Fountain of Youth”?   If it is true – is there anything more important to a Baby Boomer or older than their health?  The clock is ticking.  Telomeres are getting shorter.  Stop Telomere  Shortening  – Right Here!


I did a review on the company that makes this miracle product.  You can read it right here.

Paul Revere

I liked the “self-evident proof”  that I got when I took the products so much that I decided to do a “Paul Revere”  & spread the word to friends & family.  Then I decided – why stop there?  Everybody knows somebody that could benefit from this product & many of the other products that this company offers (there are over 150 of them).  Should you reach my level of enthusiasm  &  decide to join me in becoming a  “Paul Revere”  for Sisel – here’s my take on marketing these products.  I’m not keen on the 3′ rule form of marketing (grab the attention of anyone within 3 feet of you & tell them about your opportunity).  Nor do I like hounding friends & family who have heard it all from me before.   With friends & family  I prefer the “Show Me – I’m From Missouri”  approach.  The living picture of a Baby Boomer Viet Nam Vet filled with energy,  vitality,   &   “joie de vivre”  is worth more than a thousand words.  If you join me in marketing this opportunity – you need what is called a “duplicatable system”.    I have one & all my team members are advised to use it for marketing on the internet.  You can easily get bogged down in the many details that are required to be a successful marketer.  Time is your most important asset – my system will save your time.  The link is in

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