275 glasses of red wine

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Resveratrol –  275 Glasses of Wine in 1/2 an Ounce

This is one of the 3 products that form the triangle of life.  If you are a baby boomer or older & this video does not excite you – it’s too late.  Your telomere count is almost at the critical level (5,000).   However,  if you still have a pulse please read on – it’s not too late to seize the moment  take advantage of unbelievably new technology and cutting edge products that can both increase your life span and improve your quality of life.

Resveratrol – Liquid & Nano-Sized For Maximum Absorbtion

Click here for one  such product that I use personally.  That link takes you directly to the Eternity product page within the Sisel International Website.  You can join Sisel & order directly from the company for shipment to your house.  I liked the products so much (there are over 150 by the way) – that I decided to become a distributor.

Company Review

Here’s a link to a review I did on the company mysisel.review.

If You Want To Market This Opportunity

Just one more thing to think about –  marketing the opportunity.  I’m not a big fan of the 3′ rule (grab anybody within 3 feet of you & tell them about your opportunity).  Nor am I a big advocate of hounding friends & family about  an opportunity even though I know it’s the best deal on the internet.  I will certainly explain it if asked but I prefer to market to like minded people who know that there are 2 billion people online and nearly everyone is concerned with their health.  So,  to bottom line it for you,  should you want to join me in marketing Sisel – you’ve got to have a system that utilizes all the power of the internet.  I mention the link to my team site in my review above – but here it is again.  http://www.teambuilder123.com/cap.php?id=usa8729558

You are taken to a signup page where you can see the system in action.  If you like it – use it – it will save you lots of time & enable you to focus on marketing & not on all the time wasting technical details that can really slow you down.  Believe me – I have wasted too much time trying to learn everything.  More important than learning everything is TAKING ACTION.

I hope you enjoyed the information & I welcome all comments.


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