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10 Tips For Healthy Aging

Staying alive is good – but “healthy aging” is better.  Aging is inevitable – we all wear down over time.  But what I mean by “healthy aging” is taking advantage of everything that modern science has to offer which will allow us to age chronologically while at the same time allow us to slow down,  stop & finally reverse biological aging (also referred to as senescence.

Here are the 10 tips for healthy aging that I have come up with for your benefit.

  1.  This is Guaranteed to work but most people can’t or don’t want to do it:  become a “cronie”.  Live on 2/3 of your needed calorie requirement for your body weight.  Cronie ia an acronym for “caloric restriction with optimum nutrition.”
  2.   This is more doable:  become a ‘mod-cronie”.  Fast one day a week ( I fast on Mondays).  You’ll be doing yourself a world of good – a weekly break that will give you many benefits.  There’s a whole article coming about being a “mod -cronie”.
  3.   Do not smoke – you need your lungs for the exercise you’ll be doing.
  4.   Turn  your “youth gene” back on with Resveratrol – drink 275 glasses of wine for maximum effect or 1/2 an ounce of this super formulation like I do – Eternity
  5.   WINR – “White is not right” – exclude any product that has had the life force removed by those manufacturers who are not your friend.  “Empty Calories” not only don’t do you any good – they use up your bodies valuable energy when it could be used by you in a better way.
  6.   No sugar – I know it’s everywhere but in the air.  Read “Sugar Blues”  for your edification.  It’s sweet for a reason – to addict you.
  7.   2200 families of free radicals assault your body every day – you have to defend yourself.  Give your body the help it needs – fight back with Spectramaxx
  8.    Boost your immune system & your anti-inflammatory system with the aid of modern science.  FuCoyDon
  9.   Homocysteine – this amino acid increases as you age & should be kept low – it can lead to Al Z,  a walk in the “Park” that you don’t want to take,  heart disease and ED if you’re a guy.  Dr. Sears suggests the following protocol:  B2 (Riboflavin) 25mg daily;  B12 500 mcg daily;   Folic Acid 800 mcg daily;   TMG (trimethylglycine) 500mg daily;  B6 25 mg daily.  Plus a multi-vitamine.
  10.   Modern science has found a way for you to slow down the biological clock by rejuvenating your telomeres.  The miracle of “The Fountain of Youth”  is here.



I hope that you will reap the benefits of this research.  The choice is yours.