The Triangle of Life

That’s Life

Birth,  death & all the good & bad things in between – that’s life.  Our ancestors lived to the ripe old age of 30 & they did it without cell phones,  internet,  TV,   Radio,  Books,  Education,  Sports,  Politicians and so on.  Today’s life expectancy is up to about 76 for the men &  79 for the women  (getting the last word is important you know) –  assuming a normally stressed life and barring unforeseen tragedies.   A favorite speaker of mine,  Calvin Harley,  argues on Tedmed that not enough money is spent on researching the disease of aging  and therefore there has not been a significant improvement in the expected life span of men & women in quite a while.

The Genes Are In Charge

So we’re dealt a hand,  so to speak,  a life,  a body that is programmed by our genes.  The genes are the o/s (operating system) of the body.   Old cells die & are replaced as per the instructions of our genetic program.  When we’re in good health all the bodily systems (Cardiovascular,  Circulatory,  Digestive,  Excretory,  Endocrin,  Integumentary,  Exocrin,  Muscular,  Skeletal,  Nervous,  Renal,  Urinary,  Reproductive,  Respiratory,   Lymphatic &  Immune) are functioning properly.   We don’t have to do anything – we grow up – we live – we grow old.  Everything is good with the duplication process as long as the the cell duplication mechanism is functioning properly.

Biological Clock

Now here’s  where it gets interesting.  Before 2009,  no one knew what controlled the duplicating process in the body.    In 2009,  the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the researchers who discovered the biological clock that controls this cell division & duplication.   How long can this process go on under normal circumstances?  What would happen if the cell duplication process went on indefinitely?  Why do Cancer cells have unlimited duplication capability?  They duplicate & duplicate until they kill you.

A Shoelace

A shoelace – everybody knows what a shoelace is.  Today shoelaces are often synthetic  strands of fibre woven together  & finished off at both ends with stiff sections known as AGLETS.   These aglets hold the strands of the shoelace together and make them function properly.  Shoelaces,  without aglets,  are useless and frustrating.  The strands unwind and go all over the place – they have to be replaced.  The anology here holds true for the chromosomes of our DNA.   DNA is the program that holds most of the  instructions used in the growth,  development,  functioning & reproduction of all known organisms & many viruses.  The 2 DNA strands store biological information & are organized within the cells into long strands called chromosomes.  At both ends of the chromosomes are “aglets” that hold the chromosome strands together and in addition “clock” the process.  These “aglets”  are called Telomeres & were the reason that their discoverers won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.  During cell division,  these cells are duplicated in the process called DNA Replication,  which provides each cell with its own set of chromosomes.  With each duplication the Telomeres get a little bit shorter.  When your body reach the critical count of Telomeres,  it is time for the final indignity – death.

Slow It Down

But what if Telomere degeneration could be slowed?  What if Telomeres could actually be regenerated?  Why do Cancer cells keep on duplicating & duplicating & duplicating?  Is there something in cancer cells that prevents the Telomeres from shortening?


Yes there is & it’s called Telomerase.  It’s an enzyme that not only prevents Telomere shortening but leads to Telomere  REGENERATION.  Some people refer to Telomerase as the “Fountain of Youth.”  If the body clocking mechanism allows the cell duplication process to continue – “the party rolls on.”   


That’s what I call a “WOWSKI.”  WOW – WOW & double WOW.   That means if a drug can be developed that contains Telomerase then the Telomere shortening process can be stopped & reversed.  Our cell duplication can continue and the aging process can be slowed or reversed.

The Product

So here’s a link to the product that I found that provides Telomerase to the body & allows the miracle of “Reversing Telomere Shortening” to be performed.  Click Here to go to my website where you can order directly from the company.  You don’t need me to talk you into doing this.  What you need to do is to try it for yourself.  The “self-evident proof”  –  you feeling energized,  upbeat,  vigorous & more youthful  will be the “proof of the pudding.”  The truth will set you free.

Stop Telomere Shortning

Ask yourself  a simple question – is it possible that a modern day Ponce De Leon has discovered a “Fountain of Youth”?   If it is true – is there anything more important to a Baby Boomer or older than their health?  The clock is ticking.  Telomeres are getting shorter.  Stop Telomere  Shortening  – Right Here!


I did a review on the company that makes this miracle product.  You can read it right here.

Paul Revere

I liked the “self-evident proof”  that I got when I took the products so much that I decided to do a “Paul Revere”  & spread the word to friends & family.  Then I decided – why stop there?  Everybody knows somebody that could benefit from this product & many of the other products that this company offers (there are over 150 of them).  Should you reach my level of enthusiasm  &  decide to join me in becoming a  “Paul Revere”  for Sisel – here’s my take on marketing these products.  I’m not keen on the 3′ rule form of marketing (grab the attention of anyone within 3 feet of you & tell them about your opportunity).  Nor do I like hounding friends & family who have heard it all from me before.   With friends & family  I prefer the “Show Me – I’m From Missouri”  approach.  The living picture of a Baby Boomer Viet Nam Vet filled with energy,  vitality,   &   “joie de vivre”  is worth more than a thousand words.  If you join me in marketing this opportunity – you need what is called a “duplicatable system”.    I have one & all my team members are advised to use it for marketing on the internet.  You can easily get bogged down in the many details that are required to be a successful marketer.  Time is your most important asset – my system will save your time.  The link is in

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